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Nine yards saree collections madisar saree for Iyer and Iyengar

We are collecting lot of sarees for nine yards. But some of the saree which are very fast moving. So we have standardised some of them.
Please click the above link to see the 9 yards saree collections.

Here you can get any numbers of saree in same colour. Depending on the requirements some times it will be in stock, like 3 to 5 sarees will be always in stock. If required more than you need order well in advance. Minimum of 15 days may take to process it in TARI.


How to wear madisar Iyer, Readymade

In India specially Tamil Nadu, there are many communities. Tamil Brahmins are Tamil-speaking Brahmins from Tamil Nadu. They can be broadly divided into three religious groups, Gurukkals who follow Saivism, Iyers or Smarthas and Iyengars who follow Sri Vaishnavism. Men wear panchakacham and women wear Madisar.
Both Gurukkals who follow Saivism, Iyers or Smarthas wear similar type of Madisar and Iyengars who follow Sri Vaishnavism wear different type of Madisar. So for Madisar we can divide into 2 types.
Iyers and Iyengars wear Madisar in those days, (onbadhu Gajam Saree) 9 yards Saree. On those days every married women has to wear Madisar pudavai both in Iyer and Iyengar. Iyers and Iyengars wear Madisar differently. Iyers drape the Pallu (the layer of sari which comes over one’s shoulder) over the right shoulder while Iyengars wear it over the left shoulder. To wear Madisar Saree, it takes lot of time; it has some techniques, which is very great actually.
By urbanization and lot of life style changes in Tamil Brahmin, community today very rarely people wear Madisar Saree. People wear Panchakacham & Madisar only during the function and in rare occasions.
Our vision is to spread the Madisar and panchakacham in normal day to day life. Girls and women wear chudidhar because it’s easy to wear.
Similarly to wear Panchakacham & Madisar, if it takes less than 1 minute, then almost all people will wear Madisar in their day today life or at least when they go out to temple on Fridays, Meeting in the functions, marriages, grahapravesam varalakshmi nombu and many more functions.
How to wear 9 yards saree

This Panchakacham & Madisar pudavai is designed by Dhanalakshmi. This is really suitable for the people who have less time and also wanted to wear Panchakacham & Madisar pudavai.
With a pre-stitched Panchakacham & Madisar in your wardrobe, you don’t have to worry about getting ready for a function. The typical design is already pre-stitched sari. So now, you don’t have to bother about wearing it. All you have to do is wear the ready-made Madisar pudavai sari. Then you can just drape the remaining part of the sari over your shoulder according to the community, as we already said Iyers drape the Pallu (the layer of sari which comes over one’s shoulder) over the right shoulder while Iyengars wear it over the left shoulder. It is as easy as that and it ensures that you can wear it comfortable and even feel relaxed in it.
Now, wear the Panchakacham & Madisar Saree in seconds and make others envious of you!


Pnajagacham & Madisar

this is ready made panjagacham normally used in brahmin community. this is very simple to wear and quick. Ready made madisar pudavai and panjagacham will be a combination for a family.

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