We all know about Bhakthi yoga.The other yoga’s are Karma yoga and gana yoga.Some people also follow Raja yoga.Bhakthi Yoga is very simple to follow .

Arunagiri nathar wanted to commit suicicde by jumping from a twoer in Thiruvannamalai

At that time Lord Muruga stopped him from commiting suicide and asked him to sing in praise of him.And he started the first line of Thirupukazh

Muttaitaru Bhakti Tirunakai Attikkirai Shakti Sharavana
Muttikkoru Vittu Guru Para Ena Odum

Arunagiri nathar immediatly picked up the word and started singing Thirupukazh.So,we can say Thirupukazh birth place is Thiruvannamalai

There was a poet in Thiruvannamalai who sang in praise of Kali.He called himself a Kali Bhaktha.When he met Arunagiri he said

“I am ready to invoke Kali inforont of us,
Are you ready to invoke Muruga infront of us?”

Arunagiri started singing a song in praise of Lord Muruga “Athala Seda Narada” and Kali Bhaktha chanted some mantras to invoke Kali devi.

Lord Muruga broke pillar and came out of it,but kali did not appear at all.She knew that her bhakthi was not a real bhakthi

When we sing a prayer to god it should not be a show off

Prayer should be done in concentration.God will appear or do things for us.If we pray him with true bhakthi






Proper days should be selelcted for doing good things or subbha karya

navarathri period is considered to be a period to do spiritual things

The philosophy of Navarathri Gollu reflects the philosophy of life.That is develop in our life step by step from lower status to higher status.

In the first step we display trees,plants etc.At the top most step we place God’s and Kalasa.So,we should understand that life is a steady develoopment.We should not go downwards from human level we should raise ourself to Mahan level and then to level of god and finally merge with Sakthi.

That is JEEVATHMA AND PARAMATHMA should merge togeather

These philosophies are represented in the display of dolls

PRAISE THE SELF BY THE SELF……………………….BHAGAVAT GITA CHAPTER 10 (uttharae…………………………ripurathmanaha)navarathri



Normally maha periva use to give darshans to everyone daily

one boy was standing aside and crying..Maha Periva called him and asked “why are you crying”that boy replied i have finished my graduation but still i dint get any job,.so my parents calling me as THANDAM”

MAHAPERIVA said stand aside

At that time many VIP’S came to visit MAHAPERIVA some engineers visited MAHAPERIVA and got his blessings At that time MAHA PERIVA asked them can you do me one favour

Actually they all were very happy because MAHAPERIVA is asking them favour because if MAHAPERIVA ask anything it’s a gift for them, as i said before he wont ask anything for himself

MAHAPERIVA asked them by showing his DHANDAM and asked them to name it
They replied “DHANDAM”

Please give this DHANDAM a job The visitors were confused and asked What he meant by it

He pointed to that boy and told them that he is a graduate and requires a job do something for him Immediately the VIP’S agreed and gave him a job


Ratha Saptami

Ratha Saptami 2014

Saptami Tithi is dedicated to Lord Surya. Shukla Paksha Saptami in Magha month is known as Ratha Saptami or Magha Saptami. It is believed that Lord Surya Dev started enlightening the whole world on Ratha Saptami day which was considered as birth day of God Surya. Hence this day is also known asSurya Jayanti.

Ratha Saptami is highly auspicious day and it is considered as auspicious as Surya Grahan for Dan-Punya activities. By worshipping Lord Surya and observing fast on this day one can get rid of all type of sins. It is believed that seven types of sins done, knowingly, unknowingly, by words, by body, by mind, in current birth and in previous births are purged by worshipping Lord Surya on this day.

On Ratha Saptami one should take bath during Arunodaya. Ratha Saptami Snan is one of the important rituals and is suggested during Arunodaya only. Arunodaya period prevails for four Ghatis (approx. one and half hour for Indian locations if we consider one Ghati duration as 24 minutes) before sunrise. Taking bath before sunrise during Arunodaya keeps one healthy and free from all types of ailments and diseases. Because of this belief Ratha Saptami is also known as Arogya Saptami. Taking bath in water body like river, canal is preferred over taking bath at home. lists Arunodaya period and sunrise time for most cities across the globe.

After taking bath one should worship Lord Surya during sunrise by offering Ardhyadan (अर्ध्यदान) to Him. Ardhyadan is performed by slowly offering water to Lord Surya from small Kalash with folded hand in Namaskar Mudra while facing Lord Sun in standing position. After this one should light Deepak of pure Ghee and worship Sun God with Kapoor, Dhup, and red flowers. By doing morning Snan, Dan-Punya and Ardhyadan to Suryadev one is bestowed with long life, good health and prosperity.

This day is also known as Achala Saptami.

Snan Muhurta on Ratha Saptami = 05:06:35 to 06:46:04
Duration = 1 Hour 39 Mins
Sunrise (for Ardhyadan) = 06:42:31