Pure Silk Saree 9 yards for madisar

these are Pure silk saree 9 yards, to took these saree please visit our website,


1-IMG_7534 1-Sky blue maroon madisar saree 21-musturd purple saree 4 1-Peacock green maroon 3-001  1-Parrot green dark pink Madisar saree 11-MS blue maroon madisar saree 3

Upanayanam rituals done for boys at the age of 7, 9 & 11, some of them prefer to do Upanayanam both Iyer and Iyengar at home its very special to it in home


New silk cotton Saree

These are new collections from our team,
Material is Silk cotton Saree, It’s 6 yards Saree silk cotton material, it will have running blouse with it. There are multiple colors which can be selected as you wish. We normally ship the saree all over world and in local area.








Deepavali and Karthikai


1.Deepavali is celebrated in the morning of Tulam
Karthikai is celebrated in the month of Vruchikam

2.Deepa Avali is “Rows of Deepam are dispalyed in the morning – north india
where as rows of Deepam are dispalyed in the evening – south india

3.Deepavali is celebrated in the morning
Karthikai is celebrated in he evening

4.During deepavali sun is powerless in Tulam
During Karthikai Moon is powerless in Vruchikam

5.Deepavali is celebrated during Ammavasya period
Karthikai is celebrated during pournami period

6.Sweets Newclothes cracakers are enjoyed in the morning
Swets newclothes crackers are enjoyed in the evening

7.Samhara day of Narakasura is celebrated – deepavali
Birthday of Subramanya is celebrated – Karthikai

8.Sun and moon will be in one rasi are closer – Deepavali
Sun and moon will be in opposite direction – Karthikai

To compensate the powerless nature of sun in Tulam and moon in Vruchika
Deepavali is cellebrated in Moon’s star
karthikai is cellebrated in Sun’s star

Both functions remove darkness of Ignorance through wisdom of LightDeepam1deepam s



Navarasa nayaki

1.When devi meditates upon Lord siva through her pooja.She is in form of SHANTA RASAM
2.When Somebody hates Lord Siva she becomes hatred towards them
3.She shows her valor towards Asuras by killing them
4.When Lord siva dances in the Mayanam as “Suddalai Aandi” she expresses her soft fear
5.In order to save peopel from the Asuras who follow the Adharma path instead of Dharma path she gets angry
6.She was struck with wonder when Lord siva drank the poison which come out of the Milk ocean
7.She enjoyed her love with Lord siva when he gave half of his body to her
8.She smiled with humour when Lord Ganapathy came around them considereing them as the universe
9.She showers her Mercy (karunai) rain when she comes running to save the life’s of people from there troubles

Actually speaking she is “NIRGUNA:” but to protect humanity she takes the above Navarasa form to show her blessings to the peopleGA3

bhagavt gita


Before chanting Bhagavat Gita we should chant the dyana sloka

One of the dyana sloka says “All the Upanishad are cows”


The Milkman is Lord Krishna,
Arjuna is the calf


Bhagavat Gita is the Milk got from the cow upanishad.Arjuna the calf drinks this milk got from the cow




1.Tomorrow is Saturday.
2.Tomorrow is 31 st the day of Tamil month Aadi
3.All though this month we enjoyed doing lot of spiritual activites
4.The first day of Aadi is considered to be the beginning of spiritual month,that is why we take coconut milk
5.Aadi Kruthigai is also celebrated to worship Lord Subramanya. Aadi kruthigai is welcomed to worship the sun god pithur karakan to the southern side of Dhakshinayana
6.Aadi pooram is the brith star of Aandal Nachiar
7.It is considered to be a divine day for women
8.It can be considered to a International women’s day
9.18th day of Aadi is considered to be a divine day because Mother cauvery is worshiped on this day.Mother cauvery gives water to do Agriculture
10.Newly married couple worship Mother cauvery for Santhana Bhagyam
11.Aadi Ammavasya is observed to worship the pithurdevadha
12.Since pithurkarakan sun is in Dakshinayanm pithur pooja is very very important on this Ammavasya day
13.It is also a compensation day for those who could not do pithur pooja regularly and at the right time
14.Aadi thapasu is cellebrated in Tirunelveli district
15.Chaturmasya vratham is observed by holy man like madathipathi and saints