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Madisar & Panchagacham

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You can find many interesting things about Madisar and Panchagacham. It’s worn by Iyer and Iyengar community.



New website

Hello All,
We have extended our feet into a online shop,  which is
You can now go to the website and buy Madisar Saree and ready-made stitched Madisar Saree, panchakacham Vesthi and also stitched ready-made panchakacham.

Madisar Saree ready-made stitched customized as per your size. It’s very easy to wear, similar to wearing Trousers. Most of the women wear Trousers for office now a days. For them it’s so convenient to wear this Madisar Saree ready-made stitched.

The fitting of Madisar Saree will be perfect and no one can differentiate the Madisar Saree ready-made or worn directly. 

This Madisar Saree ready-made designed in such way that actually no one can find issue with this. The concept of wearing Madisar Saree is very important in Iyer and Iyengar community. So all the points are taken care and many Vadiyar have appricated the Madisar Saree ready-made and Panchagacham.

10 yards Muhutham silk saree

SV 2524 Silk saree10 yards Muhutham silk saree with Grand self border. Rs 4200 + packaging and courier.

This is a good silk saree with a good quality and little bit less price because of silk mix.

Normally silk sarees are heavy in weight and the the weaving is very close. You can feel the thickness of the saree. You will not be able to see through the saree. There are many practical way to check out the silk saree.
There is one called burn test.

Silk Burn Test: Take a few threads from the warp and weft and burn them from their ends. When the thread stops burning, a very tiny ash ball might be left behind. Rub the ball in-between your fingers and smell the powdered ash. If it is pure silk, it will smell like burnt hair. Silk, wool, leather and hair all burn alike and form an ash ball.

In case of artificial silk, the fibers will flare and burn out quickly there will be neither ash ball nor smell like burnt hair. The smell will be similar to that of burning plastic and you will notice black smoke. This silk fabric test is sure to help you while buying silk fabric.

Madisar & Panchagacham

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Proper days should be selelcted for doing good things or subbha karya

navarathri period is considered to be a period to do spiritual things

The philosophy of Navarathri Gollu reflects the philosophy of life.That is develop in our life step by step from lower status to higher status.

In the first step we display trees,plants etc.At the top most step we place God’s and Kalasa.So,we should understand that life is a steady develoopment.We should not go downwards from human level we should raise ourself to Mahan level and then to level of god and finally merge with Sakthi.

That is JEEVATHMA AND PARAMATHMA should merge togeather

These philosophies are represented in the display of dolls

PRAISE THE SELF BY THE SELF……………………….BHAGAVAT GITA CHAPTER 10 (uttharae…………………………ripurathmanaha)navarathri

Tommorow Adi puram


1.Tomorrow is Wednesday
2.Tomorrow is 14th day of AAdi
3.1+4=5 5 means Budha Baghwan
4.So it is a highly special day
5.Tomorrow is 30th day in july
6.3 means Guru,Guru is powerful in Kadak rasi
7.It is the avathram day of goddess Lakshmi in the form of AAndal
8.AAndal is considered to one of the 12 Alwars
9.12 means 1+2 means 3 again Guru
10.She wrote 30 divine songs known as THIRUPAVAI
11.Here again 3 is “Guru”
12.Puram is the star of Sukra
13.Tomorrow is a combination of Budha,Guru,and Sukra and growing Moon all subha Graha’s are involved on this day
12.Tomorrow is a women’s day
13.This day should be declared as International Women’s day
14.I think the readers will agree to this
15.We should sing or listen to all the Thirupavai song
16.Sumangali’s,Unmarried female,and Girl children should be honoured on this day
17.We can give Bangles, yellow powder,Red powder,and other Mangala Article along with food to all the Ladies
18.We all pray and get the blessings of AAndal Nachiar


The person who does the pooja must wear a saree in MADISAR FORM.This is because the folding of the madisar helps to prevent earth’s vibration and gravitation

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