Aashada ekadesi day


Tomorrow is monday
Monday is Moon’s day
It is the 11th day of this tamil month
11 means ‘2’ 2” means moon
It is sukla ekadesi day
Aashada ekadesi day
Fasting can be observed by healthy persons
Tomorrow’s star is Anuradha and Jeshta
Jeshta is the star of budha graha
Budha graha represents Manavishnu
hence mahavishnu should be worshipped tomorrow
it is also a vasthu day
Vasthu pooja can be done between 7.44am to 8.20 am
We need not worry about raghu kalam
Those who want to construct a new house can start this pooja tomorrow
Vasthu prusha will be always sleeping and he will also change his sleeping and he will also change his sleeping position often
He only wakes up for a certain time during certain month

hence it is a divine monday
2013 margazhi month vaikunda ekadasi festival details and wallpapers