This is a very famous vaishanava temple
The special features of athis temple are as follows

1.Lord Rama gives darshan with sita devi by catching her hand (panigraha darshanam) That is marriage scene Dharshanam

2.We all know that Ramanuja as a saint wearing this temple he is giving Dharshan wearing white dhoti as a GRAHASTHA

3. We all have heard about Narasimha,in this temple we will find Raghava simha.Raghava Lord rama gives dharshan with lion symbols.We find lion on his kothandam and some important parts of his body

4.Lord rama with sita stopeed here on his return journey from Srilanka in order to give marriage dharshan to Rushya shringa’s father.This place is also known as Bakularanyam

Valkula isa flower known as Magizam poo in tamil.The smell is very sweet.MATHURAM,thatt is why the name Mathruanthakam is given to this place.

Lord rama protected the tank of Mathuranthakam.Hence this temple is known as YERIKATHA RAMAR

Let us get the blessings of this Lord rama with sita.

Karadaiyan Nombu, (HUSBAND’S DAY)

Karadaiyan Nombu, (HUSBAND’S DAY)
Every year Karadaiyan Nombu (Husband’s day) is celebrated by sumagali women,doing the meeting period of the Tamil month Maasi and Panguni
This year it takes place on the early morning of 15th March 2015.Our day is calculated from the sunrise period
On this day savithri brought back to life from Yamadharna Raja,who took away her husband’s life
Savithri fell at the feet of Yama Dharma raja and yama dharma raja blessed her DHHERGA SUMGALI BAVA”,now savithri said,”You should give back the life of my husband so that i can become a sumangali again
Yama dharma raja gave back the life of Sathyavan the husband of Savithri
From that day it is celebrated as Karadaiyan Nombu (Husband’s day) or Sumangali day
Women should wear Madisar and wear new Sumangali sutra,.They shgould also prepare Vella adai and Uppu Vadai at 4.30am on 15th March 2015
From Mama & MamiKaradaiyan Nombu, (HUSBAND'S DAY)