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Madisar Saree ready-made stitched customized as per your size. It’s very easy to wear, similar to wearing Trousers. Most of the women wear Trousers for office now a days. For them it’s so convenient to wear this Madisar Saree ready-made stitched.

The fitting of Madisar Saree will be perfect and no one can differentiate the Madisar Saree ready-made or worn directly. 

This Madisar Saree ready-made designed in such way that actually no one can find issue with this. The concept of wearing Madisar Saree is very important in Iyer and Iyengar community. So all the points are taken care and many Vadiyar have appricated the Madisar Saree ready-made and Panchagacham.


Deepavali and Karthikai


1.Deepavali is celebrated in the morning of Tulam
Karthikai is celebrated in the month of Vruchikam

2.Deepa Avali is “Rows of Deepam are dispalyed in the morning – north india
where as rows of Deepam are dispalyed in the evening – south india

3.Deepavali is celebrated in the morning
Karthikai is celebrated in he evening

4.During deepavali sun is powerless in Tulam
During Karthikai Moon is powerless in Vruchikam

5.Deepavali is celebrated during Ammavasya period
Karthikai is celebrated during pournami period

6.Sweets Newclothes cracakers are enjoyed in the morning
Swets newclothes crackers are enjoyed in the evening

7.Samhara day of Narakasura is celebrated – deepavali
Birthday of Subramanya is celebrated – Karthikai

8.Sun and moon will be in one rasi are closer – Deepavali
Sun and moon will be in opposite direction – Karthikai

To compensate the powerless nature of sun in Tulam and moon in Vruchika
Deepavali is cellebrated in Moon’s star
karthikai is cellebrated in Sun’s star

Both functions remove darkness of Ignorance through wisdom of LightDeepam1deepam s

seshadri swamigal


Seshadri swamigal spent most of his time in Tiruvannamalai

When he was a boy he was doing some work isnide the house.Suddenly he ran outside his house and started clapping his hands and noding his head.

The members of his house and the neighbours were surprised to see his speculiar action.He was seeing the sky and clapping his hands with joy.

They asked him ” why he was doing so”? He replied “Gandarvas are singing belahari raga songs” and going in the sky.The people taught that he has become mad.

Later on when he grew up he became a spiritual leader..One day he was talking to his friends he suddenly shouted

Oh ! vitobha is going in the sky.Vitobha is a spiritual leader in chennai.

His friends were surprised to see his action.Later on they verified about Vitobha, and then they came to know that Vitobha has died and his Athma was going in the sky.

Thus we find Swamiji was able to tell about

A person’s previous life (that is previous birth)
Future life and also
Future birth

He had possesed


We can pray to this Mahan and get fulfilled our prayersseshadri

10 yards Muhutham silk saree

SV 2524 Silk saree10 yards Muhutham silk saree with Grand self border. Rs 4200 + packaging and courier.

This is a good silk saree with a good quality and little bit less price because of silk mix.

Normally silk sarees are heavy in weight and the the weaving is very close. You can feel the thickness of the saree. You will not be able to see through the saree. There are many practical way to check out the silk saree.
There is one called burn test.

Silk Burn Test: Take a few threads from the warp and weft and burn them from their ends. When the thread stops burning, a very tiny ash ball might be left behind. Rub the ball in-between your fingers and smell the powdered ash. If it is pure silk, it will smell like burnt hair. Silk, wool, leather and hair all burn alike and form an ash ball.

In case of artificial silk, the fibers will flare and burn out quickly there will be neither ash ball nor smell like burnt hair. The smell will be similar to that of burning plastic and you will notice black smoke. This silk fabric test is sure to help you while buying silk fabric.

sankatahara chaturthi


Tommorow 11 th october is a divine saturday
The reasons are as follows

1.Tommorw is Sankatahara chaturthi day
2.11 means ‘2’ ‘2’ is moon so, it is a moon dominated day
3.Ganesh worship should be done in the evening
4.Everybody especially Vruchika rasi persons should particiapate in Sankatahara chaturthi celebrations
5.Moon is powerless in this rasi

Kruthiaka Vratham day

October is 10th month.The total value of date,month and year added in single digit is ‘1’ ‘1’ means sun.Sun’s rasi is Kruthika

The last saturday of Kanya month is a very important day.Sturday vratham should be observed

Four grahas moon in Rishiba.budha in Kanni,Guru in Kadaka,Sani in Tulam are powerful

a. Budha adithya yoga
b.Guru Mangala yoga
c.Chandra Mangala yoga day

Hence we may conclude this is a divine Saturdaypainting-ganesha-36




We all know Srartham means a Karma done to our pithrus with Shradha

The veda says ” shradhya deyam
Ashradhdaya adeyam ”

Whatever we give we should give with Shradha.We should not give with Ashradha (Sikshavalli)

Among many important tjhings for a Srardham seven are considered to be very important

This is informed in Dharma Sastram

1.Saliva matter – Cow’s milk is a saliva product because the cow is the Milked after the calf taken the milk from its mother cow.Milk products are curd,butter,ghee etc.SSo, it is consdiered as a Saliva product
2.Vomited product – Honey is a product essensital to be served to the brahmins.This is considered as a vimitted matter of the bee
3.Wheat product – Wheat Halwa should be prepared during a Shradham.That is why we are asking in Chamakkam “Godhumaschamae”
4.Thila is very very essential,that is why we are asking Thilaschamae in Chamakkam
5.Plantian leaf – It is very essential with Kambu.A kambu should not be cut
6.Samavedic brahmin is preferable
7.Jack fruit should be served to the Brahmins

Source – Sri Sankara T.V Upanyasammahalaya

Madisar Saree Ready made

Thanks Meena.S.Rork Madam from US.
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9 Yards Kalyani Cotton Saree Ink Blue with Grand Orange Border


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