Six Yards collection

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A Brahmachari will ask biksha after the Brhamoupadesham.The first Biksha should be given to him by his mother.

A Brahamin is supposed to collect bisha from seven house and prepare his food from what he got from the seven houses.In case the first house where he goes for Biksha denies him,he has to starve the whole day.

Adisankara once when to a house for Biksha when he was seven years old.The house owner did not have anything to give except Nellikai(Indian Apple)It was very badly damaged.The Lady was very sad to give this to Adi Sankara little boy at that time

The boy asked her “Why she was crying.She said I am very poor i have nothing to give you except this damaged Nellikai”

he happily accepted her biksha and prayed to Goddess Lakshmi.This composition is popularly known as “KANAKADHARA STOTAM” Gold Nellikai’s started showering into her house.The lady was very happy

A mother is supposed to give first biksha,this is because incase ha asks from others and if they deny him the first biksha he has to starve and he should not collect Biksha from other on that particular day.Suppose it happens on a Dwadeshi day he would be starving for two days

This is because he has already gone for an fast for Ekadesi,the previous day.Suppose he has no mother to give biksha he could collect it from his sister.In case he has no mother,sister etc he should select such a house for getting first Biksha who would definitely give himAdhiSankararHistory04



1.Today is Tuesday
2.Today is a divine Tuesday
3.Purvapalkuni star represents Sukra
4.Sukra is a subhagraha
5.Sukra is joined with Guru in Kadaka rasi
6.buddha graha si shifting from Simha Rasi to Kannya RAsi
7.Mithunam and Kanni rasi are buddha’s two houses
8.Buddha is powerful in Kannya rasi (uch cham)
9.He is also the ruler of this rasi
10.This shifting takes place at 5.06pm today
11.Three grhas out of which two are subha grahas
12.Guru,Sani,and Buddha have become powerful
13.For North Indians Mangala is a very good day
14.26 means ‘8’ English month is ‘8’ year 2014 total in single digit is ‘5’ ‘5’ means Buddha
15.’Buddha shifting placae on buddha’s Numerological n16.’5′ is the middle nof from 1- 9.This represents that we must maintain balance of mind (SITHA PRAGNA)
17.Though it is a prathamai day if we are compel to do some new ventures we can select a good hora except Sani,Surya, and Mars and do the venture successfully





Once there lived a Rediyar in Thiruvannamalai he was doing Agriculture,one day he sent his assistant to donate 52 Bananas the first product from his field to Annamali temple.On the way the Assistant gave two bananas to a very old lady who was very hungry

He donated 50 bananas to the temple and showed the receipt to Rediyyar.Rediyyar got angry for not getting receipt for two bananas.He beat his assistant black and blue

That night Lord Shiva of Annamalai temple thanked Rediyar for donating two bananas

Rediyar was puzzled and his anger grew more towards his assistant,how he got a false receipt for 50 banans while actually donating 2 banannas.The assistant was also very sad to hear this.Rediyar was in prayer and finally new that the two bannans given to the very old lady was accepted by Lord Shiva as if it were given to him

He called his assistant and praised him for his kind job.

From this we come to know “SERVICE TO MAN IS SERVICE TO GOD”


kara and graha


Astrologicaly speaks that Kara is a temple Our palm is the chart of our past,present and future lives

The five fingers of the hand symbolize the five cosmic elements known as EATHER,AIR,FIRE,WATER AND EARTH

a. Spiritually speaking the thumb always represents BRAHMA
b. The Index finger represents the ego,which shows the world of differences by pointing out this and that,I and you
c.The middle finger represents SATHVA GUNA
d.The ring finger represents the RAJAS OR ACTIVITY
e.And the little finger THAMAS OR INACTIVITY

Astrologically speaking at the base of thumb is the MOUNT OF VENUS
At the base of Index finger is the MOUNT OF JUPITER
At the base of Middle finger is the MOUNT OF SATURN
At the base of Ring finger is the MOUNT OF APOLLO
At the base of little finger there is a MOUNT OF MERCURY

Similarly either side of the Palm as MARS,near the thumb above the lifeline,and Luna under the little finger below the heart lines

Thus hand is the location of all the planetssquare_hands



1.Tomorrow is sunday is a panja pooja day
3.The following are the pancha pooja

Birthday of Lord Krishna according to Ashtami .Rohini star is on 16th sep 2014.It is also a Ashtami day.It is the last day of Aavani month.Since the two Ashtami’s are coming in the beginning and at the end of this tamil month it represents that god is the beginning and end of all
Rohini is the favorite star of star of Lrod Krishna (chapter 10 bhagavat gita)


Tomorrow is Kalabairava Ashtami Kalabairava should be worshipped in the evening.The priest waves the key infront of Kalabairava before closing the window.This is because he is security officer of the temple.

kalabairavar 1

Sun god is the ruler of simha rasi it falls on sunday.Krithka is also the star if the sun god

Krithika fasting and Janmashtami fasting should be observed tommorow

Pithur pooja should be done tommorow.This is because pithur pooja should be done on the beginning of the fist day of the tamil Month
According to shannavathi principle two pithur poojas should be done tommorow

Hence we may conclude that this is a special suriya day and pancha pooja day




1.Tomorrow is Saturday.
2.Tomorrow is 31 st the day of Tamil month Aadi
3.All though this month we enjoyed doing lot of spiritual activites
4.The first day of Aadi is considered to be the beginning of spiritual month,that is why we take coconut milk
5.Aadi Kruthigai is also celebrated to worship Lord Subramanya. Aadi kruthigai is welcomed to worship the sun god pithur karakan to the southern side of Dhakshinayana
6.Aadi pooram is the brith star of Aandal Nachiar
7.It is considered to be a divine day for women
8.It can be considered to a International women’s day
9.18th day of Aadi is considered to be a divine day because Mother cauvery is worshiped on this day.Mother cauvery gives water to do Agriculture
10.Newly married couple worship Mother cauvery for Santhana Bhagyam
11.Aadi Ammavasya is observed to worship the pithurdevadha
12.Since pithurkarakan sun is in Dakshinayanm pithur pooja is very very important on this Ammavasya day
13.It is also a compensation day for those who could not do pithur pooja regularly and at the right time
14.Aadi thapasu is cellebrated in Tirunelveli district
15.Chaturmasya vratham is observed by holy man like madathipathi and saints