1.Tomorrow is Friday
2.Tomorrow is Naga Panchami and also Garuda Panchami
3.This Naga panchami is a special one because AMoon is with Raghu in its own rasi Hastham
4.RAghu and Kethu are Sarpant grhas
5.Moon has joined the sarpant graha RAghu
6.Panchami devadha is Naga Sarpant
7.In the 21st century 14 means 1+4=5 agian it represents Panchami
8.So,it is appropriate on this day to worship Nagadevadha,that is worshipping RAghu and Kethu
9.We can do Abishekam or archana or chant vedic mantras on sarpa
10.We can also listen to the same
11.Tomorrow is Karuda Panchami
12. 5 is a number between 1 to 4, and 6 – 9
13.It shows equality of No’s
14.Garuda is a vehicle of Mahavishnu
15.Garuda has golden tail Swarna Paksham
16.If one prays to garuda one will get all health and prosperity
17.Sarpa dosha will also be removed
18.AAdi is 4th tamil month Moon is in with RAghu,Kadaka rasi is the rasi of the moon

So it is a happy combinationrake gauda



5.Tomorrow is sukla Chaturthi
6Tommorrow is Naga chaturthi
7.This type of day and month combination is very rare for Nagachaturthi
8.On this day we shpould worship Naga Devadha or Sarpa Devadha
9.When Raghu is joined to the sun it is Sarpa Dosha,sarpa dosha from father’s side
10.When Raghu or Kethu is joined to the moon it is Sarpa dosha from Mother’s side
11.When Raghu or kethu or joined to sun and the Moon it is Grahana Dosha
12.When there are no planents in between Raghu or Kethu in your Jatakam it is known as Kalasarpa Dosha
13.Pariharam should be done to the Naga devadha or Sarpa devadha
14.Sarpa devadha’s veda Mantra can be chanted “IDHAGUM SARPAPYO…………………………………NAKSHTRA SUKTA
16.Nakshtra sukta slokas are available in Sanskrit,Tamil and other regional languages
17.These slokas can be chanted or listened

Tommorow Adi puram


1.Tomorrow is Wednesday
2.Tomorrow is 14th day of AAdi
3.1+4=5 5 means Budha Baghwan
4.So it is a highly special day
5.Tomorrow is 30th day in july
6.3 means Guru,Guru is powerful in Kadak rasi
7.It is the avathram day of goddess Lakshmi in the form of AAndal
8.AAndal is considered to one of the 12 Alwars
9.12 means 1+2 means 3 again Guru
10.She wrote 30 divine songs known as THIRUPAVAI
11.Here again 3 is “Guru”
12.Puram is the star of Sukra
13.Tomorrow is a combination of Budha,Guru,and Sukra and growing Moon all subha Graha’s are involved on this day
12.Tomorrow is a women’s day
13.This day should be declared as International Women’s day
14.I think the readers will agree to this
15.We should sing or listen to all the Thirupavai song
16.Sumangali’s,Unmarried female,and Girl children should be honoured on this day
17.We can give Bangles, yellow powder,Red powder,and other Mangala Article along with food to all the Ladies
18.We all pray and get the blessings of AAndal Nachiar



1.Nam karan is done usually on the 11th day of the birth of the child
2.On this day the Jatakam can be prepared for that child
3.Nam nakshtra should be based on the birth nakshtra pada of the child
4.The letters for Namanakshtra are given in Panjaankam
5.Each nakshtra pada is given a letter “4 letter are given for 4 nakshtra pada of every nakshtra
6.We should sellect such a name for a male that would siuit his name for the name given during upanayanam period
7.This name should be of an even number
8.Names should not be uttered brokenly for (e.g) we should not call a person KRISHNA by breaking his name as “KICHA” Kicha means fire
9.The fire place in the house is kitchen10.Many languages here taken their names from Sanskrit,Tamil,greek,latin and chinese etc
10.Care must be taken in uttering words because all the 33 crore of devadhas are moving in the environment
12.If we utter present words that will happen.if we utter unpresent words that will also happen

Let us select name from Sahasranamam and give that name to the childrennak



1.Chaturmasya period is observed for 4 months by sanyasis
2.During this period they don’t undertake yatras
3.Bikshavandana is to be done to sanyasi
4.We must also eat whatever is left over after consumed by th sanyasi
5.Today this celebration is going on in Kanchipuram
6.sanyasi is the highest level to be received by an individual
7.The four stages of life are
b.Krukastha (with wife)
c.Vanaprastha (going to forest with wife)
d.Sanyasi (leaving all passion)

8.Among the sanyasi there are four level.The highest level is Prahmahasa.his holiness Ramakrishna is addressed as Ramakrishna paramahamsa
9.All sanyasi try to attain the level of Pramahamsa
10.Paramahamsa refers to saraswathi
11.Kanchi Mutt sanyasis are generally addressed as Indhra saraswathi

For e.g Jaya indhra saraswathi
vijaya indra saraswathi

Hence let us pray our sanyasi and get their blessings during this chaturmasya periodrkp



1.Dharma sastra has given much importance to women even when they are alive or after
2.when a dakshina is to be given during the karma to the priest,the wife should put one spoon of water on the dakshina item and then only the husband can give the dakshina to the priest
3.While doing a Karma the husband chants the following mantra”AANANYA MAMADHARMA PATNIYA SAHA”
4.This means that i do the karma along with my dhrmpatni (wife)
5.If a karma is done without wife when she is alive by the kartha that karma is considered to be incomplete
6.If a person looses his father in Ashtami and mother in Navamihe does karma on those thithi days but during some years or during a particular year if two thithi have to be done on one day the kartha should do his mother’s first and his father ‘s karma next on the same day
7.if a kartha does a krma in Badrikashram he is required to give two pindam for his father and sixtenn pindams for his mother
8.This is because the kartha asks apology from his mother for the suffereings he has given to her from birth to death
9.During Marriage the wife walks with her husband during Sapthapathi,here the mantra says the wife is a friend of an husband

So,everywhere in our sastra we give importance to women

The marriage is completed only after saptapathi2930954_medium