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Nine yards saree collections madisar saree for Iyer and Iyengar

We are collecting lot of sarees for nine yards. But some of the saree which are very fast moving. So we have standardised some of them.
Please click the above link to see the 9 yards saree collections.

Here you can get any numbers of saree in same colour. Depending on the requirements some times it will be in stock, like 3 to 5 sarees will be always in stock. If required more than you need order well in advance. Minimum of 15 days may take to process it in TARI.

Ready made madisar saree for Iyer and Iyengar

Here just wanted to say something about ready made madisar saree for Iyer and Iyengar ladies.

Selection of saree is most important part of ready made madisar saree.
Kalayani cotton saree
Silk cotton saree
Silk saree

These are the best for ready made madisar saree.

The saree length should be 8.7mtrs / 330 inch minimum.

Cotton saree is not good for ready made madisar saree,  because the quality of the saree will not be good for stitching and more over normal saree low cost saree will shrink as you wash it and ironing will be one of the toughest task.

So always when you plan to send saree for ready made madisar, send new one and check the saree shrinkage.

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Lalitha Anand

9 yards saree for Madisar for Iyer and Iyengar

Here we start with new month May with new saree collections. All these sarees are very fast moving products. Look into the new collections in our online

These are Kalayani cotton saree with most of them with contrast borders.

This time we tried to photograph madisar saree in different way so all can see the complete saree body colour and border colour also.

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Lalitha Anand