Madisar saree and panchakacham

Madisar saree and panchakacham  has become a fashion styles for many school kids.  Many people like to go with this kind of madisar saree and panchakacham.  Iyer Madisar saree and Iyengar madisar saree is widely recognised by any of the Indian, specially south Indian.

For dance party / program in schools they also used to wear it for different plays. Really great looking kids who wear these saree and panchakacham

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Panchakacham collections for Iyer and Iyengar

Panchakacham is worned by Iyer and Iyengar men during all kinds of poojas homam shradam.

Normally Punal Kalayani is done to kids at the age of 7 and above. That is the best age because kids have some maturity at this age.

During this time parents have to wear Madisar saree and panchakacham. Many old age people still wear panchakacham and Madisar in their everyday life.

This is panchakacham stitched in ready made.  Easy to wear,  takes less time,  it’s like wearing phant.

There are several types of materials in the panchakacham. Cotton, Silk cotton, Silk and bleached material.

Normally size of panchakacham is 9 X 5.

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Madisar is normally worn by all Iyer and Iyengar ladies. There are several types of materials in saree,

Like cotton, Sungadi saree, KALYANI cotton, Silk cotton, Spun silk, Silk and many more saree. All these are good for Iyer and Iyengar madisar saree.

It will be good if we go Kalayani cotton saree, price is good and also variety of materials.

Saree for madisar has to be at least 330 + inch with out blouse bit which lot of shop people don’t that length saree.

For ready made madisar saree you definitely length saree. Iyengar and Iyer Madisar ready made saree both need the length, otherwise it cannot be stitched.

Selection of saree :- In summer season normally cotton is good, but for ready made madisar saree you need Kalayani cotton saree, Silk cotton saree or go for silk saree.

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